Sterling Cross Defense Systems

SCDS was a Defense distributor company primarily serving the City & Government law enforcement groups. I was hired onto the team as a part-time graphic designer handling all outward marketing collaterals and web maintenance.

Of the time I spent there, I’ve refreshed the website, product catalog, designed various marketing collaterals, promotion videos and product photography.


Sterling Cross maintained its businesses mostly through meeting its clients face to face. The sales team needs a professionally designed product catalog while they travel to meet their clients. Previously, the sales team would print out a stack of technical sheets, however, that proves to be very cumbersome and messy. They wish to establish a good impression and give the product catalog to their client as a gift.

I was tasked to create a full product catalog. I was responsible for layout, graphics, photography and stock photos. The catalog was constructed with InDesign.


One of the challenge is to refresh Sterling Cross’s website. The old website looked like it was built in the early 2000s. It was due for a more modernistic¬† experience for visitors to navigate through the products page. Being fresh out of college, I’ve had few experiences working with WordPress. The ease of editing and adding new content made WordPress an ideal choice for this task.