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Startups, this is how design works.

By September 24, 2012September 25th, 2012No Comments

[dropcap1]A[/dropcap1]n amazing website that explains what design is in a nutshell. Designed and written by Wells Riley, a Product Designer at Kicksend as well as an experienced web designer. I’m particularly fascinated by its simplicity, yet concise organization of definition along with minmal graphics.

Wells Riley nailed it home. The entrance of a designer is proving to be a vital part of a startup company. The illustration of the pyramid (my personal favorite) demonstrates the inevitable need of a designer into the team mix.

As an UI designer myself, Wells’ inspiringly use of web elements provoked my thoughts in design – I believe all elements should work in unison in bringing a unified theme to the users. Not one single element should stand out but rather all elements should be cohesive enough to bring out a whole.

One other interesting note to take away from the website is the resources it listed near the end of the page. Wells highlighted quite a few of the designer social media pages that’ll allow businesses and developers in recruiting designers into their mix. To a greater extend, even a designer like myself can take advantage of the list and sign up for the social pages that I wasn’t part of originally.

Take a minute or two to quickly browse through the site.

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