I was hired onto the team as a part-time graphic designer handling all outward marketing collaterals and web maintenance.
Visit Sterling Cross @ www.sterling-cross.com

The new responsive Sterling Cross Defense Systems web has been revamped. Powered by WordPress, I was able to manipulate several php adjustments to suit Sterling Cross needs.

One of the many goals of the new revamp is to provide an easier experience for visitors to navigate through the products page.

Another goal is to establish a simple way for others in the company to add new products or services.

Product Catalog

Sterling Cross maintained its business mostly through meeting its clients face to face. Having said that, having an professionally-looking product catalog was imperative to uphold the company’s reputable and trustworthiness. I was tasked to create a full product catalog of our offerings and sure it was a fun project.

Logo Slow Reveal

This logo intro was designed for SCDSammo.ca to accompany with their online video marketing collateral. The idea was to illustrate boldness, but in a distinctive and confident way. The sequence was composited in AfterEffects, the logo was designed by Alexander Wong.