Money Run was my first mobile game project which was unfortunately pulled from the appstore due to low performing KPI during limited launch. It was a challenging experience because the client team was located in Sweden. I’ve learned it takes tremendous amount of collaboration effort between UI and the client engineer to ensure the accurate implementation of the design.

I was the UI Designer responsible for the creating the game UI as well as the interaction flow.
(Characters & Vehicles artwork are the property of DeNA)

MR Key Art


I joined the project quarter way through and these are mostly the flows for the future planned features including PVP and Events..etc
It was VERY important to have detailed description of the UI flow because the client engineer is located off-site.

MR Event
A highly detailed of Money Run’s Event flow.
MR Map
Somethings might look very trivial but it turns out to be very complicated.

Final Mocks & Library

I’ve created most of the iconography and defined some of the visual languages for Money Run with the assist of another UI Designer on the team.

Asset Library