Reimagining a brand new experience for Mobage – a proprietary social platform found in all Mobage enabled games such as Transformers Legends, Marvel II, Blood Brothers… etc.

Mobage is a social platform that connects mobile gamers together through achievements, leaderboards, game challenges, game requests and much more. Used by more than 30 million users worldwide, Mobage aims to be the central hub that enable gamers to explore other common gamers.

I was hired to assist the UX designer behind the whole Mobage Redux. My partner had already defined the scope and the wireframes / flows and they were 75% ready to be skinned prior to the production stage.

My initial role was to provide stylistic consultation but later I was involved in the interaction design.

The old Mobage

The old Mobage had many problems. Our team had identified several key issues we hope to solve with the new Mobage Redux. Here’s to list a few:

  • Only 20% of DAU visit the Mobage
  • Most users don’t get past homescreen.
  • Service is disconnected from the game and competes for attention.
  • Social features are not contextual to game
  • Buggy, slow and has never been improved upon
Old Mobage
The old Mobage takes players out of the game into a fullscreen experience – the transition was confusing and disintegrated.
Mobage’s menu was difficult to navigate. Users were lost as to finding their expected information.

Visual Styles

We’ve explored several options but decided to keep the styles as neutral as possible to accommodate all games’ color palettes. White and Black were the top choices for this reason.


Full Video Mock

The white transparent caught on traction among the team and then eventually the whole company. We created a video to demonstrate what values the new Mobage can bring to all existing and future games.

Password: mob4ge