Lofu Animals was a capstone project from the course iOS Bootcamp For Designers offered by Codepath. Over the 8 weeks, the course aimed to introduce Swift to designers and all participants will need to develop their own application by the end of the course. My co-worker Stacy and I teamed up together to create this fun flashcard app for memorizing Chinese characters.

Planning and Wireframes

The idea came from having a hard time memorizing Chinese characters in our early Chinese school years. We quickly threw together a rough layout sketch and decided to leverage on Tinder’s card swipes interaction as our foundation.

Swift Coding

We’ve had our quick run with coding, putting in few hours of work after our day job is finished. I’ve taken a few Python classes in my school years so it was a great chance to brush up my coding logic again.

Screen Shots

Welcome Screen

Cute animals flash cards

iOS Chinese keyboard

Match the correct animal

Video Walkthrough

Fun Fact!

Stacy and I made it to the final round and debuted our app to the Codepath semester end demo day. Our app pulled through against other teams’ and we took home first place!