Waiting in line sucks, especially when you are hungry. Fiist is an efficient waitlist management system for restaurants.

As a MBA student project in University of Waterloo, project Fiist gained alot of traction during its time. The founder, Steven Wang, brought Fiist to the Ivey Business hosted competition and we were THIS close from getting 1st place.

It was a team of 4 where I was the only designer. I was responsible for creating the app, defining the users, setting the scope of the app, promo videos, flows and wireframes.

Though it did not make it into the market, it was a good learning experience.

My Contribution

Information Architect


Interaction Design




UI Style


Landing Page



A work-in-progress documentation to communicate the interaction between screens. Designs were composed in Photoshop then later put into Illustrator for a complete interaction document.

Eye-Candy beauty shot of my flow document. =)
Fiist UI Flow
A simple document of the UI interaction flow.

Visual Styling

I chose the color orange since there is a study about bright warm colors can indirectly increase appetite. For example, a red plate can stimulate higher appetite compared to a dark blue plate, which diminish the desire to eat more.
At the same time, the battle between skeuomorphic and flat was at its peak and many designers, including myself, had hopped on the “Flat” wagon. Under the the “Flat” influence, I was swayed to apply a flat”ish” style to Fiist.

Fiist Waitlist
Fiist - Table Time

Here it is, a preview of the Fiist app.