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The official BB7 tutorial was designed by the VideoDesign team @ RIM. I was fortunate enough to work along with the team in completing the tutorial project during my 1 year COOP at Research In Motion. I was responsible for putting the 3D sequences together that were compiled by the 3D animator in the team with all the special effects in AfterEffects. Some of the techniques required in AfterEffects were time remapping, image warping, on screen tracking, basic keyframing, easing, and to the certain level of extents, writing expressions.

The design goal here is to educate users and thus decreasing the amount of workload on the technical support end.

The tutorials videos can be accessed on any BB7 devices from Setup > Tutorials.
The ones I’m showcasing are:
1. Insert Sim and Media Cards
2. Important Keys
3. Meet Your BlackBerry Smartphone!

My Contribution

3D Sequencing
Visual FX