Plenty Full

Plenty Full was a Vancouver based startup that delivers fresh ingredients to those who don’t have time for groceries. With the same business model as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh alike, Plenty Full attempted to create this untapped market in Vancouver, BC. I was the only designer on the team along with 2 other developers and the owner.


Starting from fresh. I drafted out the ideal user flow of the whole ordering experience and shared with the whole team. Developers used this as a starting point to architect the backend design and the owner used this as a springboard for funding presentations.


Most of the UI should be content driven, meaning the star of the screen should be the food itself. Hence the simplified but playful presentation of the supporting art style. The logo was designed by a contracted graphic designer.


These are the celebrities of the website. These photos need to be very attractive, enticing and mouth watering so that customers will want these food in their tummy. While I was not physically there when the photos were taken, I post edited them to be put on the Plenty Full web.


The original plan was to create an app for iOS and Android platform. However, reality sets in when development cost and the engineer expertise did not line up well. Therefore, the owner chose to start off with web and requested the site to be responsive.


Since we couldn’t create mobile app, we need to make the website responsive on tablets or phones. The design was straight forward enough to convert from static web to responsive web.


In addition to the web, confirmation emails and such were needed to be created as well. I designed the emails and suggested we use MJML as the framework to build responsive emails.